Commercial Mortgage Financing

Welcome to U.S. Funding Corporation

In the intricate world of commercial financing, U.S. Funding Corporation stands as your steadfast partner. Spanning coast to coast, we bring a wealth of financing solutions tailored to the unique contours of today’s business landscape.

Diverse Financing Avenues: From real estate ventures and business expansions to specialized industry needs, we have your aspirations covered.

More Than Just Lending: It’s about understanding your vision and becoming your ally. Our team of experts doesn’t just offer financing; we provide guidance, advice, and a commitment to see your endeavors succeed.

Let’s Partner for Success: Every ambition, big or small, deserves a partner who can turn it into reality. At U.S. Funding Corporation, we believe in empowering dreams, one transaction at a time.

Principles of our work


Our foundation is based on Integrity. With a solid base comes a strong structure. Having decades in the lending business has proven that without a solid foundation the down turns in the market will be unsustainable. We focus on adjusting to the market changing, helping those with funds that are available during the good or bad times.


With proper Ethics are team is guided with strength to provide the trust you need when managing your funding needs. This is a critical building block to our success which allows us to serve you better.

Personal Values

We all hold our own personal values. With our personal values comes the outcome of the relationships in our lives. We have a passion to grow with successful like minded entrepreneurs that align with our goals. Building a life long relationship with every client we take on.


We have been through the 08′ meltdown and understand that being conscious of how the lending we are assisting with can affect the market as a whole. This has come from our years in the business and reflects on the decisions made when reviewing funding packages.

Flexible Financing Solutions:

Whether you’re looking to expand, refinance, or acquire new assets, we have the financing solution tailored for you.

Real Estate Lending:

From multi-use buildings to retail spaces and office complexes, our financing solutions can turn your property ambitions into reality.

Business Growth Financing:

Elevate your business operations with targeted financing options that support expansion and capital improvement projects.

Specialized Sector Lending:

Be it hospitality, automotive, storage, or any other sector, our expertise spans across various industries to offer bespoke lending solutions.

Strategic Advisory:

Our team doesn’t just lend; we advise. Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and insights to make informed borrowing decisions.

Swift and Transparent Process:

Experience a seamless lending journey with rapid approvals, clear terms, and steadfast support every step of the way.

Broad Client Portfolio:

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a budding entrepreneur, our tailored lending solutions cater to businesses of all sizes and stages.