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Why choose us

U.S. Funding Corporation has over 19 years of banking/financial experience. U.S. Funding Corporation is a national broker located in Oak Brook, IL. We offer our products on a national basis for all property and business types starting at $1,000,000 and up. We are also one of the nation’s top commercial finance companies; providing you service from start to finish for your real estate and business needs.

U.S. Funding Corporation remains consistent with the company’s principles of entrepreneurialism, growth and customization. The Company continues to advance with the trends of the real estate market and its lending demands. Known for its expertise in commercial lending, We continue to branch out, continually offering additional products and services. Versatility sets us apart from our competition, helping us cultivate a “boutique” of lending options. Our brand is one of our most valuable assets, as it builds loyalty and attracts new customers.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Client Satisfaction

This is somewhat obvious, but it’s critical nonetheless. We find holding our clients needs as a top priority while maintaining our core values the gears we shift through when working with a funding request. Communication being key for best Client Satisfaction.


We remain flexible to continue funding during the changing times we are all living through. It always seems to be a first time ever when reviewing our market conditions yet there are patterns we study to help prepare. We found that always driving forward with new investor partners has allows us to serve our Clients best.

Better than Banks

Working with US Funding Corporation is different than your standard bank process. We assist in building your funding package to achieve the best results avoiding the pit falls and guiding you through the process.

Quickly Access Capital

With US Funding Corporation, you have the ability to access cash more quickly than standard banking turn times. Be it a bridge loan or long term financing we will review each clients request to find all available options in the current market.