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Why choose us

U.S. Funding Corporation has over 29 years of banking/financial experience. U.S. Funding Corporation is a national lender and broker located in Oak Brook, IL and Buffalo, NY. We offer our products on a national basis for all property and business types starting at $250,000 and up. We are also one of the nation’s top commercial finance companies; providing you service from start to finish for your real estate and business needs.

U.S. Funding Corporation remains consistent with the company’s principles of entrepreneurialism, growth and customization. The Company continues to advance with the trends of the real estate market and its lending demands. Known for its expertise in commercial lending, We continue to branch out, continually offering additional products and services. Versatility sets us apart from our competition, helping us cultivate a “boutique” of lending options. Our brand is one of our most valuable assets, as it builds loyalty and attracts new customers.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Customer/Client Satisfaction

This is somewhat obvious, but it’s critical nonetheless. When you’ve got a fast, dependable cash flow, you pay your employees on time. In addition, with the professional and timely invoicing many funding firms provide, you’ll get payments on time and convey an efficient, effective image.


Approval is based on the credit-worthiness of you and your customers. This allows a funding company to fund startup businesses and other rapidly growing companies that often find themselves unable to get the hoped-for cooperation from their local bank.

Better than Banks

Funding ‘gets’ what you do. For example, working with US Funding Corporation is easy. You’ll find fewer restrictions, no rigid reporting requirements, much more flexibility, and because we fund your business at 100%, there really is no limit to the funds we provide.

Quickly Access Capital

With a Funding Corporation, you can have the cash flow you need immediately. You don’t have to wait for banks to make decisions, or to wait on your invoices.